Hi-Finity Sliding Doors

Hi-Finity Sliding Doors

Our stunning Hi-Finity sliding doors can bring a contemporary design statement to any home. Whether in a modern context or a more traditional property, our Hi-Finity doors will give you a feature to be proud of.



Our Hi-Finity sliding doors are designed so that the outer frame is concealed behind the surrounding wall, making wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling glass a possibility. If that is not enough, it is also possible to design two Hi-Finity doors that sit perpendicular to each other on adjacent walls. They can either meet in the corner with two fixed panes of glass or you can have the two opening door leafs meeting at the corner without a fixed corner post. When both doors are open, the ceiling above appears to defy gravity, creating an architectural feature like no other.


Hi-Finity doors are structurally glazed which means the structure of the door is in the glass and not in the surrounding framework. What this means is that the aluminium frame can be ultra-thin. The outer frame is designed so that it can be concealed behind the wall so that the only exposed part of the frame is a 35mm interlock between glass panels, resulting in floor-to-ceiling and virtual wall-to-wall glass.


Our Hi-Finity sliding doors as great as they look do not compromise on their thermal efficiency. All our doors can be triple glazed to meet insulation requirements.


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