Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors

Our aluminium bifold doors are not only incredible to look at but they are also practical.

Bifold doors are a much sought after product and are becoming increasingly popular in the home improvement. Each option can transform an ordinary room into something spectacular. So, if you are looking to rejuvenate your home and create an open and modern space, then our bifold doors are just the option you have been looking for.



Each of our aluminium bifold doors are of the highest quality. The strength of the aluminium means they can be much slimmer than other options which also makes them more durable in more adverse weather conditions.


Regardless of the seasonal changes in the weather, come rain or shine our aluminium frames offer the ultimate in reliability. Aluminium is a stable material that keeps expansion and contraction to a minimum, ensuring your new bifolding doors will keep your home warm and secure year after year.


The beauty of our bifolding doors is that they can be designed to fit almost any space. Whether you want your new bifolding doors to open inwards or outwards, whether an odd or even number of leafs we have you covered. Whatever your requirements our design team would be happy to discuss the options with you.


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